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Workflow Redesign Case Study

While working with a multination automobile manufacturer, a need was identified to retool certain production factories for new model lines. The workflow redesign utilized both human and robotic labor.

Patience The workflow redesign involved several companies located throughout the world, resulting in technical documentation in multiple languages. While translating technical language into one common specification, patience was practiced to ensure all needs were clearly communicated.

Stability There is no substitute for a consistent accountability in workflow redesign of this scale. Even one missed deadline can erode confidence leading to cascading delays. BCC acted as a stabilizing force, always meeting delivery dates.

Empathy Understanding the needs of all parties involved allowed for the creation of equitable solutions.

Integrity Dealing in technical specification spanning multiple languages required the ability to precisely and directly state requirements. Minor misunderstandings in this situation would have led to major delays.

Focus Remaining focused on all the details during this workflow redesign produced a solution ensuring that the workflow redesign met all stated needs.

Through applying the BCC Way, the factories were successfully retooled, allowing for the production of the next generation line of automobiles. BCC was glad to help drive this success.

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