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Software Solution Case Study

While working with a national bank, BCC identified a process for automating bulk loan acquisitions using software. The problem required a solution capable of interpreting hundreds of loan variables to determine a price to bid for the loans. The process was time-dependent and needed precise and repeatable results.

Patience In any technology project, patience must be practiced to ensure all requirements are understood during the software development life cycle. Our team was patient to ensure that the software met all requirements prior to deployment, including those identified after the initial requirements gathering.

Stability The solution required trust from multiple departments, as capital was allocated on a daily basis based on the results of the software. Consistent, correct results were the only way to build the necessary trust to ensure our solution was accepted.

Empathy Although only one department ran the software, the results and subsequent data flows were utilized by several departments. The needs of each department were understood and fulfilled in the final software package leading to a lasting solution that satisfied all departments.

Integrity The design process for this software followed Agile methodology. BCC met all their delivery dates ensuring timely software deployment.

Focus Wading through the hundreds of variables and requirements from multiple departments within the national bank required our extended focus to see the successful development of the software.

Through applying the BCC Way, the software was successfully deployed, allowing for a manual process to become completely automated. BCC delivered results that could be banked on.

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