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Project Consulting Case Study

While working with a national defense contractor, a project was underway to design and develop a new jet engine to power certain aircraft. This project spanned numerous business areas, and teams were located in multiple countries. Applying the BCC Way, along with our Project Roadmap, the project was successfully completed.

Patience The project encompassed diverse teams in fields spanning R&D, engineering, finance, and legal. When working with such a broad spectrum of fields, patience is required to understand the various needs of each field and the demands placed upon them.

Stability Teams learned to expect deliverables occurring on time through developing a steady cadence of deliveries. This built trust in the Project Roadmap, encouraging all fields to meet ascribed timelines.

Empathy Once the different needs and constraints of each team were understood, communications flowed seamlessly, and expectations were met.

Integrity By developing trust through fulfilling promises, teams communicated more openly and freely, leading to optimal results.

Focus Large-scale projects can be intense. Through developing and sticking to our Project Roadmap, the team's focus was maintained from inception to completion.

Through applying the BCC Way, the engine reached production and use. A true mile-high achievement.

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