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Colleague Cohesion Case Study

Throughout several endeavors, the team at BCC experienced opportunities to improve relationships. These experiences allowed our team to synthesize a methodology to enhance colleague cohesion.

Patience To improve any relationships, time must be spent to understand all perspectives. BCC believes patience during this initial time investment will pay large dividends in the future.

Stability When improving cohesion, there must be stability in words and actions. Signs of wavering can diminish results, but through maintaining a stable approach, BCC is able to improve relationships.

Empathy At BCC, we make the assumption that individuals make the best decisions given the information they have available. We try to understand the rationale behind decisions, while also introducing information that assists in aligning needs between colleagues.

Integrity There is no substitute for being genuine and upfront when building cohesion. The BCC methodology requires candid communication.

Focus By focusing on the goal instead of issues leading to disagreement, BCC is able to prioritize needs leading to equitable agreements.

Through applying the BCC Way, relationships can be improved in numerous instances. Now that's something we can all agree on.

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